दलहन विकास निदेशालय
Directorate of Pulses Development



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(i) Summer Pulses (English)-2019 Open
(ii) Summer Pulses (Hindi)-2019 Open
(iii) Retrospect and Prospects of Pulses -2019 (Hindi) Open
(iv) Retrospect and Prospects of Pulses-2018 (English) Open
(v) Pulses Revolution: From Food to Nutritional Security 2018 Open
(vi) Retrospect and Prospects-2017 Open
(vii) Retrospect and Prospects-2016 Open
(viii) Retrospect and Prospects-2008 Open
(i) Dobling Farmers Income 2017 Open
(ii) Draft Input Paper for State of Indian Agriculture Pulses (2016) Open
(i) Urd Ki Kheti (7th June, 2021) Open
(ii) Mung Ki Kheti (14th June, 2021) Open
(iii) Arhar Ki Kheti (14th June, 2021) Open
(iv) Dalhan Paridrashya (24th May, 2021) Open
(v) Insect-Pest & Disease Managment (16th August, 2021) Open
(vi) Chane ki Kheti (25th October, 2021) Open
(vii) Matar Ki Kheti (8th November, 2021) Open
(viii) Tiwadaki Kheti (15th November, 2021) Open
(ix) Rabi Dalhan Paridrashay (18th October, 2021) Open
Compiled All Pulses Pamphlets Open
(i) Chickpea Open
(ii) Clusterbean Open
(iii) Cowpea Open
(iv) Horsegram Open
(v) Lathyrus Open
(vi) Lentil Open
(vii) Mothbean Open
(viii) Mungbean Open
(ix) Pea Open
(x) Pigeonpea Open
(xi) Rajmash Open
(xii) Urdbean Open
Compiled Hindi Pamphlets; Open
(i) चना Open
(ii) ग्वार Open
(iii) लोबिया Open
(iv) कुलथी Open
(v) खेसारी Open
(vi) मसूर Open
(vii) मोथ Open
(viii) मूंग Open
(ix) मटर Open
(x) अरहर Open
(xi) राजमा Open
(xii) उडद Open