दलहन विकास निदेशालय
Directorate of Pulses Development



1. After reorganization of Commodity Development Directorates and shifting of National Headquarter DPD from UP (Lucknow) to MP (Bhopal), collation and compilation of national and international data with respect to area, production and yield of pulse crops and for all the crops in the assigned states of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh in an e-utility mode has been done for further use of Ministry of Agriculture & FW, Government of India and other stake holders on matters relating to plan formulation and crop development aspects.
2. Reviewed the implementation of NFSM (Pulse, Wheat, Paddy, CC and Coarse Cereals) activities in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh and BGREI in Chhattisgarh as Convener National Monitoring Team (NLMT) during 2014-15 to 2016-17, the Directorate has completed two visits each year viz Kharif season and Rabi season in both the States for consideration of NFSMEC and the SFSMEC for ATR.
3. To commemorate “International Year of Pulses (IYOP-2016)”organized two workshops i.e. National Workshop on “Pulses Development: Challenge and Opportunities in Central and Southern States” at ICAR-Central Institute of Agricultural Engineering, Bhopal (MP) on 3-4th February, 2016 and National Brain Storming Session/Workshop on “Promotion of Pulses in Non-traditional Niches: Summer Cultivation” at ICAR-Indian Institute of Pulses Research, Kanpur on 9th-10th February, 2016 and two farmers trainings on the production and protection technologies for Pulses at CRDE KVK, Sewania, distt. Sehore on 08-09th October, 2015 and at KVK, Raisen on 4-5th November, 2015 during the year 2015-16.
4. Conducted the “Study on yield advantage under line sowing v/s broadcasting in direct seeded rice (DSR) in Chhattisgarh” state during 2014- 15.
5. Compiled & Published the document on Pulses in India: Retrospect and Prospects 2016-17 for printing at the level of DAC&FW.
6. Prepared the document of “Status Paper on Pulses” during 2016-17.
7. Brought and prepared the leaflets/ Pamphlet on all Pulse crops i.e. Pigeonpea, Chickpea, Mungbean, Urdbean, Field pea, Lentil, Mothbean, Horsegram, Rajma, Cluster bean, Cowpea, & Lathyrus (2016-17).
8. Report on strategies for increasing production of Kharif Pulses-2016 in Madhya Pradesh State (2016-17).
9. “Impact assessment of prevailing high temperature regime on wheat crop-production in Madhya Pradesh State” during 2016-17.
10. Monitoring report on NCIPM Project (NFSM-2015-16) on “Large scale Multi-Location IPM demonstration of field crop-chickpea” at JNKVV, Jabalpur on (24.02.2016).
11. Concept Note on “Strategies for Increasing Production of Kharif Pulses-2016” in Chhattisgarh State on 30.09.2016 during 2016-17.
12. Monitoring reports of Project on “Generation advancement and development of new genotypes through pre-breeding in Lentil and Kabuli Chickpea” funded under NFSM- Monitoring Report (2015-16).
13. “Assessment and Impact of Prevailing Temperature on national Pulse Production (Pigeonpea + Rabi Pulses) 2015-16 for the DAC&FW 2015-16.
14. Status report of “STLs under Soil Health Card Scheme in M.P. for sample districts of Bhopal & Indore during 2015-16.
15. IMCT participation/ Assessment of “Status of crop Damage in the State of Madhya Pradesh in wake of untimely rainfall / hailstorm” (2014-15) on 20.03.2015.
16. Concept Note/ Strategy for Working Groups on “Demand and Supply Projections in Agriculture: Pulses”-subgroup III & V (for year 2019-20, 2022-23 & 2032-33) for NITI AYOG (2016-17).
17. Concept Notes for participation and presentation in workshops/seminars “Pulses: Status and Contribution to Food Security” (2016-17).
18. Analysis report on “Kharif crop conditions (2014) /situation and Rabi prospects (2015) - Madhya Pradesh State” on 23.10.2015 (2015-16).
19 “Climate Change and Agriculture Workshop” during January 2015.
20. Assessment report on “All India Pulses: Current Kharif Production Estimates and Rabi prospects- 2015-16”.
21. Report of Assessment in Inter Ministerial Central Team on the situation caused by unprecedented drought condition in Madhya Pradesh on 8th-10th November, 2015 during 2015-16.
22. “Ensuring Sustainable Availability of Pulses” during 2014-15.
23. Monitoring report of the project on “Generation advancement and development of new genotypes through pre breeding in Lentil and Kabuli Chickpea” funded under NFSM (2014-15).
24. Conducted the “Study on assessment of causes of outbreak of YMV and estimation of yield losses in soybean during Kharif – 2015 in Madhya Pradesh” during 2014-15.
25. Monitoring Report on the Enhancing Grass pea production for safe human food, animal feed and sustainable rice-based production systems in India funded under NFSM (2014-15).
26. Participated in AGM & presented Performance & Development Scenario on Chickpea presented in Annual Chickpea Group Meet, 2013 at JNKVV, Jabalpur on 24-26th August, 2013 during 2013-14.
27. Prepared the concept note for interventions of the senior officers of DAC&FW on Development Programmes On Pulses: Government Efforts”;
28. “Article on Integrated Pest Management of Chickpea”.
29. “An Account of Pulses Development”;
30. “An Account of Pulses Development Including Spring/Summer Pulses”.
31. Report of assessment in “Inter-Ministerial Central Team for Assessment of Situation Caused by Drought and Scarcity Situations” 2015-Chhattisgarh.
32. Concept Note for DAC&FW on Long-term arrangements for cultivation and import of Tur from African countries of Mozambique, Ethiopia, Malawai, Tanzania and Sudan.
33. Organized a National Review meeting on National Chickpea prospects 2013-14 on 20.01.2014 in Sehore (M.P.) for Agriculture Commissioner, Govt. of India.
34. Liaison with ICARDA and State Department of Agriculture, Govt. of M.P. in setting up the Food Legume Research Platform (FLRP) at Amlaha farm, district Sehore, MP.
35. Undertaken studies on i) Impact of ICRISAT initiatives in rainfed Rice fallows in Chhattisgarh state; ii) Estimation of area of Pulses/other crops under intercropping systems in Madhya Pradesh; iii) Use of Rhizobium and PSB Bio-fertilizers in Pulses in Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh-Constraints & opportunities; iv) Impact of E-surveillance and IPM technologies under A3P project in Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka for increase of Pigeonpea and Chickpea grain yield.
36. The Xth Plan draft document on increasing the production and productivity of Oilseeds and Pulses jointly formulated by National Headquarter of Pulses at Bhopal and National Headquarter of Oilseeds at Hyderabad was prepared in the terminal year of the IXth Plan and transmitted to all the SDAs/SAUs/ICAR as a guidelines for the States to prepare the Xth Five year plan for Pulses & Oilseeds for their States in consonance with the National Agricultural Policy (NAP).
37. Compiled & Published the document on Pulses in India: Retrospect and Prospects during 2008;
38. The organization not only issues the guidance and research findings to the extension functionaries in the assigned states of Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh but also supplements the State’s efforts in the process of scheme convergence, funding support/fund management etc. and also supports them in preparation of contingent plan during natural calamities to mitigate the damages caused by continuous drought/hailstorm in M.P. and flood/drought in Chhattisgarh. The Directorate of Pulses Development specifically helped the State as a Central Observer/representative of the Department of Agriculture and Co-operation & FW, Ministry of Agriculture & FW, Government of India representing the DAC& FW as a Member IMCT for natural calamities and gave assessments towards financial assistance to farmers for agricultural crop damages as a remedial measures at the Ministry level.
39. With the launching of Integrated scheme on Oilseed, Pulses, Oilpalm & Maize (ISOPOM), the Directorate organized the first sensitization“National Seminar-cum-Workshop on Delineation of Thrust Areas for Pulses Development Activities under Modified ISOPOM Scheme” during 27-28 March, 2004 at CSAU&T, Kanpur. The printed proceedings forwarded to all the concerned (copy on website.
40. With the launching of Toll Free ‘Kisan Call Centre (KCC)’ on 21st January, 2004, the Directorate has been the Nodal Agency (Level-III) for operationalization of KCC services in MP and CG States from 2004-05 to 2007-08 & contributed in formulation of contingency plan, FAQs and conducted the HRD and skill up-gradation activities for Level-I, Level-II functionaries.
41. In a decentralized DAC-ICAR interface, the Directorate has coordinated/organized “National Seminar/Interface Meeting on Existing Water Resources And Technologies for Enhancing Agricultural Production in North Central India on April 2-3, 2005 at IISS, Bhopal.
42. It frequently participates in Kisan Melas, Krishi Gosthies, Doordarshan’s Krishi Darshan programmes and contributes continuously through Articles/News bulletins in popular Monthly/Weekly Journals/Papers.
43. Preparation of Weekly Weather Watch Report (WWWR) for pulses across the country and all crops in the State of Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh is the most vital function executed by the National Headquarter of pulses from Vindhyachal Bhawan, Bhopal. The WWWR contains the information on input status, crop scenario, market flow etc. This WWWR is discussed on weekly basis in the Ministry of Agriculture by the Crop Tracking Committee (CTC) under the Chairmanship of the Special Secretary.
44. As a nodal development department for pulses, the organization keeps on continuing the extension activities in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Pulses Research, Kanpur, Director ATARI; DDG (Extension) ICAR, through Front Line Demonstrations with all other State Agricultural Universities (SAUs) /KVKs etc.
45. Also going with the seed policy as envisaged in the New National Agricultural Policy, this Directorate has also done a massive exercise in preparation of Seed Rolling Plan for five years (X plan) computing the quantity of various stages of seed, state-wise, variety-wise, season-wise etc.
46. As a Nodal Development Department of Pulses for Ministry of Agriculture & FW, Government of India, it has also taken the job of project and proposal formulation of collaborative nature with the International Agencies for interactions of Secretary Agriculture, Government of India at International level. Such collaborative proposal conceived at Directorate of Pulses Development for “FAO Meet in 2001” for interaction of the Agriculture Secretary, Government of India with Canadian Delegation on "Break-through in Seed Production Programme in Pulses".