दलहन विकास निदेशालय
Directorate of Pulses Development


Reporting System

S. N. Activity Nature of Data Agency Frequency Data Users
1. Monitoring of NFSM - Performance evaluation of FLD/Cluster demonstration ICAR/SDA


Annual Crop Division/States
2. Weather Watch Report (WWR) - Crop coverage Scenario of  Pulses in all States.
- Crop coverage scenario of all crop in assigned States.
- Rainfall and Weather Situation – District-wise assigned States.
- Input Supply/Natural calamity/Insect Pest.
- Market Price.
State Department of Agriculture/ Sister Directorate/ Indian Metereological Department/ Marketing Board. Weekly 1. Crop Division.
2. Sister    
3. Natural     
   Management      Division,       
   DAC, New      
3. Technology Transfer - Improve Package Technology on Crop.
- New Variety Releases.
- Frontline Demonstration Results.

-Distribution of Seed Minikits

ICAR, SAU’s & Other R & D Organizations. Participation in Workshop, Frequently visit to SAU’s & Other R&D Centre. State Agricultural Departments.
4. Crop Statistics - State-wise area, Production and Yield data.
- District-wise Area,  Production Yield of Pulses in all States &  All Crops in assigned States.
Directorate of Economics and Statistics, Government of India/State Directorates/ Bureau of Economics & Statistics/ Revenue/ land Record. Annual Crop Division/Other CDD’s/ Research Organizations.
5. Market Price & Other Information. - Daily whole sale Prices of Pulses.
- Daily whole sale prices of Oilseeds Pulses & Other Crop in Madhya Pradesh.
- International Market Prices of Pulses.
- Export & Import of Pulses.
News papers, M.P. Mandi Board/Agri. Watch/Web cites.  Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence & Statistics, Indian Trade & Industrial Association. Daily/Weekly Crop Division/ Other CDD’s.
6. Submission of Administrative Financial Returns, Official Language Policy returns. Administration/ Vigilance/Accounts. Directorate of Pulses Development, Bhopal. Monthly/ Quarterly/  Half-yearly/   yearly Crop Division, Administrative Division, DAC, New Delhi, Finance Ministry.
7. Formulation of schemes/ programmes. All aspects of Crop production. National Policy States feedback and various other sources. Need based Ministry
8. Policy related reports. CACP Questionnaire WTO/ EXIM Policy Policies of Other Ministries. Directorate of Pulses Development, Bhopal. As per need Ministry